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    #HappyEaster #PuntaCana #SemanaSanta #lifestyle #livinginstyle #dominicanrepublic #jetsetter #traveler #wanderlust

    #HappyEaster #PuntaCana #SemanaSanta #lifestyle #livinginstyle #dominicanrepublic #jetsetter #traveler #wanderlust

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    "I think if Dickens was alive today, he’d have been working for the BBC, until HBO offered him much more money."
    - Roddy Doyle discusses television and his short story in this week’s issue of the magazine: http://nyr.kr/1mUhHxZ (via newyorker)
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    Moldova Philharmonic

    The Moldova Philharmonic Orchestra (Romanian—Filarmonica Moldova) is the main orchestra of Jassy city. The orchestra is housed in the Moldova State Philharmonic—an institution with a rich artistic history—and held its inaugural concert on 9th of October, 1942. The name “Moldova” in the title refers to the historical region of Moldavia, Romania.

    This new identity presents a simple and elegant didone M, which has been redrawn to match the institution’s values and activities. The region of Moldavia has been represented by the letter M before—see the Moldova Mall. Moreover, the M can be used by itself in small-scale applications that would otherwise render the full logotype illegible, or in cases where the mark and logotype appear as separate elements. Finally, the mark can be cropped, deconstructed, multiplied, and enlarged in order to create patterns, frames for photography, and other graphics.

    Branding by Ciprian Robu

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Shout out to our old friend André Saraiva at Hotel Amour. 


    Shout out to our old friend André Saraiva at Hotel Amour

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    "Big sunglasses hide all sins" #sunglasses #sins #quote #quotes #instaquote

    "Big sunglasses hide all sins" #sunglasses #sins #quote #quotes #instaquote